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FHA Streamline Refinance

The FHA streamline refinance is used to lower the monthly interest due on FHA mortgages. In today’...

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FHA Streamline Refinance

The FHA streamline refinance is used to lower the monthly interest due on FHA mortgages. In today’s historically low interest rate environment, almost all homeowners are benefiting from this interest rate reduction. In 2012 thousands of our clients just like you saved hundreds of dollars a month. Some of our clients refinance to a lower term, pay their home off faster, and pay the same amount monthly!!! The process is quick and easy with very little documentation required.
Keep in mind to qualify for a FHA Streamline your current loan must be a FHA loan. If your current loan isn’t a FHA loan don’t worry, we have many options. We may be able to do a traditional FHA refinance (see VA Cash Out guidelines) or perhaps another type of loan.
Refinance Cost Vs. Benefit Analysis:
As part of the FHA streamline program requirements there must be a benefit to the borrower to do the transaction. There are many different benefits as outlined below. Some say you have to drop your interest rate by more than 2% for it to make sense. A 2% drop in rate will almost always make sense so to that I agree. However, I cannot agree that you need a 2% drop in rate to see a real benefit. What if you were able to drop your rate .5%, at no cost, shave three years off of the end of the loan, and keep the same balance? Three years of payment savings is significant. The cost vs. benefit analysis must be done to the individuals needs and not generalized. Additionally, according to the FHA streamline refinance program the borrower must have a 5% PITI payment reduction to qualify. Contact us to get your cost vs. benefit analysis done and start saving money.
Benefits of an FHA Streamline
No out-of pocket costs
No income verification
Lower rate
Pay your loan off faster by going to a lower term
Defer 2 mortgage payments
Get up to $12,000 for Energy Efficient improvements to your home by adding the “EEM” feature
No appraisal necessary*
Energy Efficient Mortgage Option:
An exciting trend today is cutting down on our energy consumption. There are many things we can do to cut our energy use and save money. The FHA Streamline program allows for up to $12,000 of qualified energy efficient improvements to be added to your mortgage as long as there is a “benefit” to the borrower shown as a net savings. FHA Loan Group.Com has a helped many FHA home owners complete an energy efficient mortgage and reduce their future energy costs. Most recently, we have put together a turn key energy savings package that can be rolled into the streamline refinance. Go to our Energy Efficient Mortgage Loans page to learn all about the Energy Efficient Mortgage and its qualifications and applications.
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